Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colorado {Part One}

Many people have been texting, emailing and sending me Facebook messages regarding when I am going to post some photos from Colorado!  So, here it goes...a few images out of the never ending collection of pictures from my travels out west!

This first "batch" of photos were taken from the car!  I haven't been to Colorado for more than 7 years and was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains that I just couldn't resist!
My buddy, Harley, enjoying the fresh mountain air!  I think he got the idea to hang his head out the window from me...so eager with my camera to capture the mountains!

A shot from the rearview mirror!


Last summer, I took a picture of a Jesus statue 25 feet below sea level, and this one  at 9,000 feet above sea level was just as exciting and unique!

And some dramatic black and white shots that make me happy!

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