Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The tiniest "Grump" {Newborn-Palm Beach Gardens, FL}

For those of you who know me well,  you know that my "home away from home" in Florida is with the Grump family! (Yes, that is their true last name, but luckily, they are extremely pleasant and do not live up to the name at all...well, at least the majority of the time!)  ;-)

With that being said, I have the pleasure of announcing the tiniest Grump....Jackson!  Jackson was born on December 22nd to my "brother" Josh and his wife, Abby!  As a proud Auntie, I could hardly wait to photograph the little guy!  Here are some pics from his first photo shoot....poor thing doesn't know what he is in for with this family as far as cameras go...his Auntie Allie is quite the photographer herself and I am sure we will both be documenting every milestone along the way!


Father & Son

Monday, January 2, 2012

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Williams {Wedding-Deerfield Beach, FL}

Heather and Jeff were married on December 18th at Deer Creek Country Club!  I had such a wonderful time photographing these two.  It is quite evident within the first few minutes of being around them just how in love they are!  Congratulations and I wish you many happy years together as husband and wife! 



 Sticking with tradition, they chose not to see each other that morning so they were left to texting back and forth before the ceremony! 

The groom with his handsome sidekick!  

Mom snapping a quick pic on her phone of Daddy and his little girl! 

When Jeff saw Heather walking down the aisle, his reaction gave me goosebumps.  So sweet!

"You may kiss the bride!"


The sun sank so fast following the ceremony, but thanks to some quick maneuvering on a golf cart, we were able to get a few gorgeous shots with the various hues of the sunset! 

The pretty cake...

Take a close look at their cake topper! 

Notice anything "special"!?  I thought this was so adorably playful!