Thursday, September 9, 2010

Colorado {Part Five}

Last but not least, DENVER!  I was pleasantly overwhelmed by how many things there were to do in Colorado and of course, when there are exciting things to do, there are many pictures to be taken! It was a nice change of pace to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens and take some beautifully vibrant images of the vegetation!

I have never seen so many bees in one location!  Now, under normal circumstances, I would have been terrified, however, these were the most calm and pleasant bees I have ever encountered.  I suppose I would be calm too if I were a bee in "heaven"! 


Out of all the beautiful, bright colors at the gardens, the simplicity of these two photos are extremely striking! 

The water lilies were some of my favorites!

These little guys were interesting...they only liked the yellow flowers!


This bright pink "fluff ball" is really the most unique flower I've ever seen!  It appears as though it would be sharp and pointy, but it was really as soft as feathers!  

It only took  me going all the way to Colorado take a picture of palm trees that I am surrounded by each and everyday in Florida!

Below are some images from Downtown Denver:
Beauty in places you may not least in my eyes!

I love my clouds! (nearly as much as I love photographing shoes)

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  1. You are so talented...I LOVE looking at all of these pictures. When I get stressed, I like to look at the still life photos. My favorite are the bee can see the intricate detail in each shot. Thank you for sharing pics on your blog (: