Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Siesta Key

I am so excited about the changes I have made to my blog...I designed a whole new layout and finally figured out how display MUCH LARGER photos!  I was just dying to post pictures in the bigger format so I figured I would post some personal ones from my mini-vacation to Siesta Key!  My best friends, Sarah and Lydgia were down in Florida with their families so I ventured across the state to the west coast for a little quality time!  

We attempted to capture a family photo of the sister's families, but we got a late start
and the sun was not making it easy for the kids.

Ty, getting his feet wet!

The Swans: Sarah, Ty, and Pat

Cousins...still not too sure what to think about the beach!

Lily catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders!

Handsome Ty at dinner!

If you think he's cute in pictures, you should get a load of him in person!
This kid is practically a genius, not to mention an amazing baseball player at the age of 2!!!

Love those blue eyes! 

And check out that grin...she's a stinker!

Yummy cupcakes...Ty actually requested a bib!  I told you he's smart!

Lily enjoying my favorite part....ICING!!!

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