Saturday, November 7, 2009

Allie's Senior Portraits

Although Allie had quite the exciting Halloween the evening before, she was a trooper during her shoot! We were able to capture some great shots before she ran out of steam and needed a nap!

So happy to find this blue wall...

The contrast of the wall really helps to bring out her beautiful blue eyes!

We had a lot of fun with the next few photos...the sky was so vibrant and made for a gorgeous backdrop!

The patterned tiles on this wall really caught my eye...I am glad Allie was so willing to try a variety of poses! I love the genuine smile on her face as she looks at the camera while laughing!

And then...a more serious face!

Luckily, we were able to access her high school's football field to get a few traditional poses!

How classic...she is wearing her dad's jersey from 36 years ago! Love it!

These next photos have a more mature feel to them...Allie looks like she is deep in thought and enjoying life!

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